Dabbawallahs meet Prince Charles, someone making film on Dabbawallahs, Dabbawallahs vs Brazil street team football game before world cup…

What the hell? Why in the world Dabbawallahs are given so much of value? I agree that they are known for delivering the food on time but why football? Can’t they leave the game alone for sometime?

Excerpts from the article on Mid-Day says

If the boys were nervous about taking on a team from arguably the world’s most passionate footballing nation, it did not show. “We will show them how much josh we dabbawallahs have,� said Vishnu Namdeo Sawant (19).
Sawant said he last played football when he was in school in Pune four years ago. Since then, he has been delivering dabbas between Grant Road and Churchgate.

Sanjay Ghag (21) said, “The Boys from Brazil may be great players, but we too have great stamina from delivering tiffins day in and day out. We will make up for our lack of skill with determination.�

Balu Shinde (21) said, “We may not be great footballers, but the spirit of Mumbai’s dabbawallas will definitely be on display.�

Okay, I do not have anything against them but why so much hype? Check this quote (Direct link):

Ragunath Medge, the president of the dabbawalas, when asked which team he was supporting in the World Cup said, “Italy, because it is Rajiv Gandhi’s sasural.”

No more words!!!