Okay guys, I am done with hosting now. I am no more going to provide hosting solution. I am gonna get rid of my dedicated server from next month, got myself a reseller account from HostGator and will move all my customers on it. (Not resellers)

I know, I know…you have many questions popped up in the mind…let me answer all one by one…

Q. 1. Why in the hell you decided to close hosting, it was doing good, right?

Ans. Well, Yes, it was going on smoothly, except few issues recently. (Which ranged from scripting issues to issues with mysql, exim and spamd..) The main reason for the closing the hosting  was (Actually I won’t say, close but in other words, I am reorganizing things. [right Ashish?]), as my main business being Web Design and SEO,  I could not spend more time on it. The hosting was taking lot of time in administration and specially at the time of critical situations, I had to spend whole days on it to dig out the problem. I had to work with other linux experts, I had hired to fix few issues. So all these things were taking lot of my time and my web design and SEO projects were getting delayed.

Now, this is what was affecting my business. But I tried my best to run both together but at one point of time, things become worse and un-manageable and I realized that, because of this, everything is getting affected. So finally, I took decision of closing the hosting section.

Q. 2. Great, this sounds like a good plan to run away with the money of customers!! What about them? Are you gonna leave them alone?

Ans. Oh yeah, I had a plan to collect as much as I can and then run away with the money and I succeeded in this too. So in short, all the hosting accounts will be deleted. Okay, enough…don’t press the panic button now.

The shared hosting customers (non-resellers) will always remain with me, I will move them to my hostgator reseller account and support will be provided all the time.

The resellers will have to move themselves within a month. I will keep this dedicated server for a month, so that they can plan their move. (All support will be provided in deciding new host)

Q.3 So what about the resellers who have already paid for the hosting?

Ans. I will refund them the amount after deducting the charges for the months they have used.

Q.4 So, this means, you will get lot of free time now?

Ans. Yes, compared to earlier days, lot of time. I can relax on sundays, I won’t have to be awake whole night to fix the server. I won’t have to worry about the load critical alert SMS whem I am out. But now, I will get more time to expand my current business and work more on my baby and yeah, I will get time to blog more frequently 🙂

I guess, that’s it…