Haha, none of us would want it but Pappu Sardar wants it to be a public holiday. He even appealed government to declare it as a holiday.

Pappu Sardar owner of a small eatery at Sakchi in Jamshedpur has launched a calendar with the year beginning from the Madhuri’s date of birth 15th May. According to him it was his dream to bring out a calendar that begins from Madhuri’s birthday.

He revealed that he had been trying this since last five years but no one agreed to print such a calendar except a printer in a northern state. The calendar that begins with a holiday on account of Madhuri’s birthday will unveil today.

Sardar wanted Madhuri’s birthday to be marked as ‘Bollywood Day’. He has also appealed to the government to declare it a holiday. He explained that his financial year will begin from May 15 and end on May 14 next year.

God save this India.
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