Till now I was in impression that Annu Malik is the only one who is into ripping the songs directly but today I got to know that, every music director of Indian Film Industry is into ripping the songs straight from the original tracks. (Ofcourse few directors like A.R. Rahman, Sandeep Chowta are not included in this)

Let me start from the recent movies…

Krissh – Rajesh Roshan, how many liked the song Dil Na Diya? Well, tune is lifted from the original song Ceddin Deden by Ottoman Military Project

Okay, now let’s talk about superhit soundtrack of Gangster, Pritam is the music director. I guess Ya Ali was the best song of the soundtrack….but wait…..it’s a ripped one from the band called Guitara, the original song name is Ya Ghali and 2nd best song of the movie was Bheegi Bheegi, oh wait, this one is also ripped….this one is from a Bangla band called Mohiner Ghoraguli, the song is Prithibi, one more, Lamha Lamha is ripped from Pakistani singer Waris Baig’s track Kal Shab Dekha
How many liked Fanaa music (Jatin Lalit) ? Specially the song, Chanda Chamke, it was ripped from one of their songs Yara Yara from Hum Tum…but, was that original? NO, it is a ripped song too…the original song, al-Samra Wil Beyda is by Miami Group

Few more popular hit songs which are ripped from other songs, Urzu urzu durkut from Yahaan (Shantanu Moitra) is ripped from the 1993 track Dulaman by Altan, Gela Gela from Aitraaz (Himesh Reshammiya) is lifted from R Kelly’s song, Thoia Thoing.

The list is endless and these guys are never going to stop ripping songs from the original ones. I must start listening to Arabic music, 90% of the songs are ripped from Arabic music.

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