So what’s the relation between all these things? Here (Mulund, Mumbai), MSEB cuts power supply daily for 2.5 hours, the power supply goes at 1 PM in the afternoon for 2.5 hours, it is not possible to live in this heat without power supply and only inverter can do the job…the power supply goes only till Bhandup, does not cut beyond does not go off in whole Mumbai.

So what’s the relation? why they are cutting the power right in the afternoon? Why they can’t do it in the early mornings?

Let me tell you what will happen if they cut the power in the mornings…in the morning time, the climate won’t be as hot as the afternoon..and because of this, many of the people won’t buy inverters…this will lower the sales of inverter companies or local dealers…and I guess that should keep electricity guys’ pockets empty…so instead of keeping the pockets empty, why not let people suffer and we earn some money?

And what is the reason for load shedding only till Bhandup? Because MSEB is till Bhandup? or again, some other reason? Or some involvement of Politicians and Power Supplying companies like Tata, Reliance so that they can charge customer high amount per unit of they exceed xxx units per month?

This theory is totally mine and can be wrong too but we have to come up with these kind of theories since nothing is one knows why the power is being cut in the afternoon why not in the morning?