That’s the machine I bought today 🙂

  • AMD Sempron 2500+ – Rs. 5250 with mobo
  • Asus Motherboard (VIA chipset)
  • 512 MB DDR RAM (Twin Moss) – Rs. 1650
  • 80 GB Seagate HDD (7200 RPM) – Rs. 2200
  • ASUS Combo Drive – Rs. 1500
  • TV Tuner Card – Rs. 1300
  • LG 15″ Monitor – Rs.3959
  • Creative SBS 240 speakers – Rs. 475
  • Logitech Multimedia Keyword and Infrared Mouse – Rs. 900
  • Higher Quality ATX Cabinet (Normal one costs around Rs. 1200, this one costed me Rs. 1500)
  • D-Link 524 Wireless Router – Rs. 2400

Everything came for Rs. 21,200 🙂 …. and yeah, those headphones costed me Rs. 400

Then, I went to Crossword bookstore with my sister, checked the book, The Search by John Battelle, read few pages of the book….though I never read the books but I bought it out of curiosity about google and other search related stuff, so that one costed me Rs. 800, I have no idea when I am going to read this book or it will be added in my shelf with other book… (But it sounds interesting so I am gonna read it soon)

Now tomorrow will be setup day(I already finished with OS and software installation :D) …I will have to setup things in my office, fit this new machine on the desk for new guy, buy new chair, inverter, get my phone line shifted to other cabin…

I have 18 mails pending in my company inbox, few hosting accounts to be created, few sites to be created, couple of quotations to be sent…damn…couple of sites to be uploaded (deadlines….)…it’s gonna be a busy busy day tomorrow…but I am enjoying it 🙂