I watched this movie, Little Manhattan last night, the movie is kind of love story but the major difference is, the guy is 10 year old and the girl is 11 year old. It is a romantic comedy movie, a very well made movie showing the emotions of the kids. A very good attempt to show something different to people…

Movie Plot:

Ten-year-old Gabe was just a normal kid growing up in Manhattan, untill Rosemary Telesco walked into his life actually into his karate class. But, before Gabe can tell Rosemary how he feels, she tells him she will not being going to public school any more. Gabe has a lot more to learn about life,love and girls.

The movie is a must watch…It is not yet released in India but I am sure, people reading this are smart enough to find the copy from their sources 😉

IMDB Info here