I have been using MTNL Triband for quite sometime and was one of their happy customers but when I received bill for the month of February, I was totally shocked to see the bill amount which was 6 times higher than the monthly amount. (Rs. 590) This was a HUGE amount compared to my usage. (Which can go max 1.5 GB a month, which would be approx Rs. 1000)

I checked my usage on MTNL website and the figures shown there gave me one more shock. The site was counting my downloads thrice for the same time / session. Check the following image, which show the recent usage. Check the Start and End date with Billed Quantity.

. MTNL Usage of March

My February invoice was full of these triple usage charges and it hasn’t stopped till now. I called up MTNL call center, the lady there told me that someone from their side will get in touch with me, but no one did for 2-3 days; so I visited the local exchange. I was asked to meet AODR (Account department) in main exchange building, somehow I managed to find his place, (After 4-5 people pointing me to different offices), I met that person….he tried to understand problem and finally he gave up and asked me to meet some technical person. I met that person, he finally understood the problem and noted down my details and also asked me to get in touch with someone at Prabhadevi office. (Mr. Kanchan)

I called up Mr. Kanchan, he asked me to send letter to local exchange (AODR)…now the loop starts….I submitted the letter to local exchange…few minutes after that someone from MTNL contacted me (it was not effect of this recent letter but it was because of my earlier complaint) and he told me that, there is no mistake in the calculation. It is showing the same time thrice because it calculates like this first period shows downloads before 12 AM, 2nd one shows downloads between 12-8 AM, 3rd one shows downloads after 8 AM…now, this does not digest properly…I argued saying, If it was that case then why uploads are same all the time? (Click on image to view larger image) It should also vary like downloads, but the guy was not able to understand that and kept on saying, whatever we have told you is correct. 

OK! that part is done. I emailed MTNL helpdesk about it with details and also asked for my download logs if they are correct, I got email from them approximately within 2 days with reply “Please call on xxx number” I called that number, no one was picking up, so I mailed them back saying no one picks up, next day I got one more mail saying “Please call on xxxx number”, I called on that number…a lady finally picked up and told me, this is not the correct department to call. We have no idea about this, I am just supervisor of the call center. She tried to help me by giving few more numbers to call but as expected those numbers also didn’t help.

So now the solution, nothing….you will die calling different people but no one will help you and everyone will keep on giving responsibility to some or other person…

I am fedup with these f**kers and I am getting this Triband disconnected tomorrow and get connection from my local ISP back.

Moral of the story, MTNL Triband is good when it works properly but when you face any problem, specially Billing issues, do not expect it to resolve soon, these bunch of idiots will never solve your query quickly.