OK, Boman Irani Rocks…at some point of time I thought, the movie name should be Being Farokh (it’s his name in the movie) instead of “Being Cyrus”…this was the time when Boman Irani was making me laugh like hell and overshadowing our dear Cyrus (Saif Ali Khan)….but as the movie moved on..I felt…Being Cyrus is the correct name…I hope you got the point? Didn’t you…well, let me explain..no…rediff is better at it.. 😉

The plot revolves around Dinshaw Sethna (Naseeruddin Shah), a dope-smoking retired sculptor, struggling to make both ends meet with his aged yet voluptuous wife Katy (Dimple Kapadia) at a dilapidated house in Panchgani. Dinshaw opens his house to a stranger called Cyrus, supposed to assist him at his pottery school. It initiates a new chapter in the Sethna family story.

Cyrus regularly shuttles between two dysfunctional units –- Dinshaw and Katy’s Panchgani home and an old building in Mumbai where Dinshaw’s aged and much neglected father Fardoonjee Sethna (Honey Chhaya), his brother Farokh (Boman Irani) and way-too-young wife Tina (Simone Singh) live.

As Cyrus treads through the complicated households, the cracks begin to show and he soon realises there are far too many skeletons in the cupboard and too much swept under the carpet. As Katy pours herself all over Cyrus in her attempt to win his passion and make him dance to her tune, Cyrus decides to play a different game altogether. His is a complicated round of chess, with each member of the Sethna family a pawn in his hands.

First half of the movie will keep you wondering why the movie is named as Being Cyrus and what Cyrus has to do with the movie…but the twists in the 2nd half of the movie clears all your doubts and makes you say..”Woha, that was a good movie”. You can say, the movie has 2 heros…1. Boman Irani who makes you laugh like hell in the first half and 2. Saif Ali Khan…who makes you think “Yeah..I can act in non-masala movies too”, very good acting by both the guys infact all of them were good, Dimple Kapadia looks pretty different and Naseeruddin Shah is also very good…he has limited role in the movie but he again and again proves that, he is a great actor…Manoj Pahwa has very small role to play but he has played it very well…funny guy with great acting skills…

The movie is pretty short…approx 1.5 hours…all the actors have acted pretty well…the movie is made for multiplexes and I could not believe that I had to sit in the 2nd row..bloody theatre was jam packed…

So in short..the movie is surely worth watching in theatre…go for it…we need some more good movies like this in India….

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