I recently bought Sony Ericsson w800i and gave my w550i to my sister. I wanted to have this phone for so long and now since I have it. 😀 Since I have both the phones so I can compare features between them. Both have its own pros and cons. Let me list few of them. (The ones I came across)

– First major difference is, w500i does not have memory slot, it has fixed 256 MB internal memory where w800i comes with memory slot and 512 MB memory stick. (approx 34 MB internal memory)

– w550i has great sound capacity with 3 speakers, w800i has just one speaker which does not produce much of sound. Sound quality is great in both the phones but the due to 1 speaker, w800i lacks the sound volume of w550i.

– Browse button is missing in w800i, for me it was very useful. In w550i, I just had to press that button and it would open the browser but in w800i, I have to click on Internet Services option and from there enter the site address.

– Camera quality – It’s just superb in w800i, 2 mega pixel cam with great clarity; w500i lacks that, specially when you try to click the photos in the night / dark.

– Quick contact search option like Nokia is missing in w550i but w800i has it 🙂 Didn’t get what I mean? For e.g If I want to dial Deep’s number, then I can just write D and then E…so it will list names starting with DE, in w550i I can’t do that….

– Quick profile switch, in w550i you can switch the profile quickly by just pressing power button and selecting the profile but w800i, doesn’t have that option. Logically its not needed. It has option to switch the phone on silent.

Rest of the features seem to be same. But the phone w800i is just too cool. I needed small, sleek phone for me and I got it 🙂

Update: Pics taken by both the phones… W550i has more of noise in the pics…