Is your name Hari? NO? Well, you just missed chance to win Rs. 1 crore…

Let me come to the point…I came across this story recently on Mid-Day..a guy named Hari sent legal notice to Reason? Because used name Hari in one of their ads and which caused that guy so much loss that he had to claim damages of Rs. 1 crore…

The ad says something like this:

The advertisement in question has a person telling on phone the full form of the name Hari as “H for Hitler, A for Arrogant, R for Rascal and I for Idiot,” it said.

The name seems to have caused lot of problems for that 11 year old kid..this is what the article says….

Hari Bhanot, in his notice, charged that an advertisement of the site had resulted in mental harassment and agony as many of his friends and acquaintances have made him a butt of jokes after watching it on TV.

“The telecast of the advertisement has undermined the status, reputation, respect and self-confidence of my client and has severely affected his standing in the school, residential locality and social circle. After the advertisement came on air, many people known to my client have told him that they have a lower opinion of him,” he claimed.

The notice was sent by his father on behalf of him. But don’t you think….something is missing in the claim? “common sense” I agree that has used the name Hari and the guy’s name is also same BUT what’s so big deal in that? In movies there are many funny, bad people with different names, so does this mean that people make fun of guys with those names? These things are limited to movies and the ones who try to use it beyond that are simply fools and we should ignore that….

Shakti kapoor had famous funny dialogue with name Lalita (Aau Lalita), so does this mean all Lalitas in the world should ask for their claim?

Seriously, these guys should think twice before sending such kind of foolish legal notices…

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