I got 3 missed calls from a number in the morning…I finally got fedup and called that number back…someone picked up and said “Welcome HSBC Bank, How may I help you?” I asked someone had given me missed calls on my cell from this number…the guy replied back asking “Are you HSBC credit card customer?”, I said “Yes” He asked me for my credit card number…I asked for the reason…he replied saying..he will need credit card number to trace the reason for calling…

I was bit shocked and told him..why the hell you need credit card number for that? Which branch of HSBC are you calling from? I am going to report this to HSBC main branch….

He said okay and disconnected the line….

I called up HSBC customer support…gave details about this incident and gave them the number…which was 56667199

I hope now they will trace the people calling from that number and catch them…I have emailed this to Mid-Day also….let’s see what they have to say about this…

Moral of the story: If you receive these kind of calls,

1. Do not give your card number at any cost.

2. Note down the phone number and report it to the customer support of your bank.