I have subscribed to Yahoo’s SMS Alert service to receive SMS on emails sent from my servers or datacenter…this costs me Rs. 2 per SMS…I was looking for alternative to this because I spend almost Rs. 300 per month on this i.e. for 150 SMS…it is proving to be very costly affair…I saw a new service called Mail on Phone on Hutch’s website…this service costs Rs. 30 per month and gives email address for your mobile phone i.e. yourmobilenumber@mumbai.hutch.in

So this is what I wanted…but now the problem was..the information provided on their site was for Gujarat users not Mumbai users…I called up Hutch customer support guys…and from there I got to know that this service is not launched in Mumbai…(Website guys might have put that page by mistake)..okay that’s understood…so the guy told me…the best alternative would be GPRS which is just Rs. 49 per month and in that you will get email alerts too…but the worst part was 10 paisa for 10KB i.e. approx 10 Rs per MB

It was fair enough for me compared to spending Rs. 300 per month on alerts..So next day, I called up customer support and got GPRS activated…I called them up again for GPRS settings and their person from GPRS team told me..with basic GPRS service you won’t get alerts for emails you receive…and to receive alerts you need to subscribe for Advanced GPRS service…and it costs Rs. 499 per month and 50 paisa for 10 KB download..that comes around 50 Rs per MB (WTF?)

So to me, both the services are useless and to be frank I do not think anyone having internet connection at home would use this GPRS service…I think they should rename this service to loot service…50 Rs, per MB..how can they even think of charging so much…..

So I would call this Hi and Bye to GPRS..I have asked customer support guy to deactivate my GPRS from next month….