One guy added me on Yahoo 360 and then later added me on messenger…The guy claimed to be from US and is India…I just added him thinking that he might be looking for info from me or something….

Things went pretty well in the beginning then he started asking me where do I stay and all..this was also quite ok but one thing I could not understand was he was keep on asking me about once place again and again…now this made me feel that daal mein kuch kaala hai (There is something wrong)

So as expected…he asked me…would you like to earn some extra money? Would you like to make lot of money in your spare time? Obviously I knew these fake things so just said NO politely…

But that didn’t stop him asking his next question…An intelligent person will check it before saying…so indirectly he wanted me to ask him for more details…since I knew so I just ignored it saying…if the work is related to my business then it can be done otherwise NO…

Now this stopped him asking next question for 2 minutes but again he tried his last shot asking….Would you like to earn $3000 in a month? I said NO and then he stopped…

Do these guys think we are bunch of fools sitting, desperately waiting for money? I have seen couple of more guys on my contact list with the status message Earn $7000 and bla bla….this totally sucks….

Following is our chat transcript….

The Guy: I m straight forward person,
Me: well I need to know what is it first – if its related to making websites – then YES otherwise I really dont have time for rest
The Guy: may i ask u one question?
Me: sure ask
The Guy: is their anything will change , if u will do the same thing for the next 5 years
The Guy: let’s think, you will have money, but u will not have time to spend it , does that make sense
Me: sorry but it wont work here
The Guy: And this is something that u can get both,
The Guy: what not working?
Me: well I dont have time to do stuff other than web related – design and dev
The Guy: I think, u r not serious about making money.
The Guy: well it’s ur decision
Me: yup
Me: u r right
The Guy: ok
The Guy: but intelligent person take a look before say Yes / No
Me: well, I dont get time to check more stuff – coz i am strictly not interested in doing the stuff other than web design, dev or whatever is related to my business
The Guy: It’s an E-Commerce, i told u before, and u know the percentage increases for online shopping daily
Me: yup
Me: but sorry you contacted wrong person this time
The Guy: ok
The Guy: do u know anybody in USA or in UK,
Me: yup have few ppl there
The Guy: I think u like to earn money US $$
The Guy: I can help you to make money in US $
Me: I am not interested – thanks
The Guy: tell me how
The Guy: I can help your friends or relatives to make some money here
The Guy: can you give me your relative or friend contact information ?
Me: thanks – not interested my friend.
The Guy: oky bye take care
Me: cya
The Guy: one last time, This is tremendous business opportunity in USA, We can help you family or relative make $3000 per month in thier spare time
Me: thanks – not interested – last time
The Guy: i dont want to bother u
Me: thanks for understanding
The Guy: yw