I had written this in a word document on the way…

1st day: Panchgini

220+ KM….touched max speed of 130 KM/PH on my Maruti Zen….Do you still think driving is fun? Hell yeah…it is….I just love it…Enjoyed driving on the express way…had my favorite Vada Pav at some restaurant on express way…took around 5 hours to reach Panchgini….body aches like hell but I still want to drive more haha

The place we have stayed sucks….no network coverage….so I couldn’t make call to few clients and also people will get errors when they try to call me…and I hate that most…I had planned that I will handle the business on the phone and manage things but damn this bloody phone isn’t working….

Its 6.20 PM now, I just woke up from a good sleep…don’t know what to do…bit tensed for the business…I missed few important calls….let’s see…I might leave in couple of days if things remain same…

Okay now its 10.03 PM…Called up a friend to know what’s up with the server…heard some sad news that server is behaving badly in my absence…it seems that it needs me to be there all the time….haha…now this makes me think again about going back to Mumbai early…will wait for a day more and if things still does not work properly then I will leave for Mumbai….

Had food around 8.30 PM at a restaurant in the shopping complex in Panchgini…pretty good food…had Manchow Soup and Veg Kolhapuri and in the end chocolate milkshake (I wanted to have buttermilk but it wasn’t available) and after that I managed to have half strawberry ice-cream and then finish haha..

It’s bloody damn cold here…I have no idea about the temperature but its damn cold…

Tomorrow have plans to visit Mahabaleshwar and have some fun there….will get some fresh strawberries and play some games at local casino kinda thing….

Day 2: Off to Mumbai…..

Well as decided earlier to visit Mahabaleshwar but my server doesn’t want me to stay there and creating problems….issues like high load….IP getting blocked again by Outblaze aah damn I hate spammers….

The server which used to create problems frequently that didn’t even create a single problem but the server which was running fine (web1) suddenly started showing problems…

So now (2.30 PM) in the bus…leaving for Mumbai….will reach Mumbai by 9.30 PM

So in short….trip to Mahabaleshwar was a big flop..

I reached Mumbai by 10.45 PM..thanks for bloody bus wallah who was fooling around in Pune for more than 1 hour….