I switched my company account to UTI Bank few months back. (Earlier I was with ICICI) I must say they rock; very good bank with great customer support.

I have called them few times with the queries and surprisingly they solved my queries in less than 1 day. (Mostly instantly)

Where in case of my earlier bank ICICI, I had to call them, explain the stuff and in the end I hear a sweet voice saying we have noted down your query and someone will get back to you within 24 hours. Then some of them emails asking for details, whole process takes more 2-3 days and the end result? Most of the time queries remain unsolved…

Where here with UTI, I give details to the person in call center, she checks the stuff and tells me what exactly went wrong and they will try to fix it at that time itself.

The good example would be yesterday’s example, when one of my client’s cheque had not cleared for more than 5-6 days, I called them up, gave the details about the cheque, I waited for couple of minutes and got the reason why the cheque was not cleared, they assured me that they will fix the issue from there on my behalf and cheque will be cleared in 2-3 days.

So in the same case if it was ICICI then they would have definitely asked me to email them the details or fax them some stupid letter requesting to clear the cheque..

Apart from the customer service I really liked the banking service also. Unlike ICICI you do not have to give permission letters to activate funds transfer and all. (In ICICI current account, you need to send them letter to activate funds transfer for ICICI to ICICI, ICICI to other banks, ICICI current to ICICI savings account etc…)

And you do not see any surprise charges in your account too. In my ICICI they used to charge Rs. 50 monthly for funds transfer and some other extra charges per month. But here there is nothing like that, they charge Rs. 17 (Rs. 15 + Rs. 2 tax) for every UTI to non-UTI funds transfer and that’s fair enough.

I have got much more facility then my ICICI account, I can pay my card bills, telephone bills, mobile phone bills etc.. from my UTI account but with ICICI there was only option to pay credit card bills nothing else. (I guess they would have asked me to send few more letters to activate bill pay services)

I am running my account flawlessly without any issues where in ICICI I had to call their customer support for many issues and was fed up with them.

So moral of the story, if you are planning to open a current account then I would strongly suggest UTI Bank.