Shopping time for biggies, Google bought Picasa, Urchin….eBay got Skype, Yahoo…Flickr and recently

But apart from all these I must say, Yahoo is the smartest…why? because they are carefully shopping for the stuff and buying what people like and what can be improved a lot….

When I read news about Yahoo’s purchase, I was quite happy because this will make a good site much better and the growth will be much faster than earlier…and apart from that it makes people lot more happy because these sites are actively used by many people around the world and after big purchase lot of exciting things can happen..(like we saw with Flickr)

Where in the case of Google, I would say it was a bad deal…I don’t think there are many people who are Picasa followers or say Urchin lovers…I personally feel urchin or sucks…awstats is much better than urchin in many ways…In fact these 2 software never excites me to use them and try them out…yes I had tried Google Analytics but it didn’t make me a happy user

Now eBay… was a great purchase but I somehow feel that..someone will buy out eBay soon….

So I would call Yahoo a smart buyer and picking the good ones from the list…(Hint Hint Hint…Yahoo!! Don’t let Google buy Riya 😉 )