A.R.Rahman, when that name comes attached with the music album, the expectations are lot more higher than other music directors. The main reason for this is, the person has many things in his magical bag and tries different things all the time…and in this process you cannot expect everything to be a major hit but yes…that’s how you learn…

In Yuva he tried to mix techno with fresh music and the outcome was very good, very fresh music (of course there are several people who did not like it) then the music of Mangal Pandey released, which was low down for everyone including me; the only good track was Title song..Mangal Mangal…and now he is back again with Rang De Basanti

Now at this time also, like always, people very eagerly waiting for the music…the music in promo was really impressive, fresh music and in fact the music also proves to be same, fresh with lot of new experiment with the music…

But Mr. Rahman forgot that people do not like experiments much…but I personally liked the music..Yeah..I won’t call it as great music but it is decent enough….

He has tried lot of variations in music, mixed Arabic stuff (Khalbali) ,traditional punjabi music (Ik Onkar) to Dance / rocking (NOT rock) music mixed with hindi words (Paathshala)…

Let me go one by one with all the tracks…

Track Listing:

1. Ik Onkar
2. Paathshala
3. Khalbali
4. Paathshala – Be A Rebel
5. Lalkaar
6. Rang De Basanti
7. Tu Bin Bataye
8. Khoon Chala
9. Luka Chuppi
10. Roobaroo

First track Ik Onkar, I won’t call it as a song but it is a music clip with verses from a Sikh prayer, the Mool Mantar (Thanks to Raagish for correcting me) traditional punjabi lyrics…2nd one Paathshala, as mentioned earlier this is a dance track which can be played loud in the cars, discos and is kinda fresh and happening track…3rd one Khalbali, this one is a nice song, you will like this if you love stuff in Buddha Bar…Arabic stuff but very well mixed with hindi lyrics….4th one Paathshala – Be A Rebel, this one can be called as english version of Paathshala, not bad…5th one Lalkaar, this one is kind of motivational song sung by Amir Khan…not much to comment on it since there is not much music in it…6th one, Rang De Basanti, classy…one of the best tracks in the album….lot of Bhangra with touch of Dance music in it…damn good lyrics and nice music….7th one Tu Bin Bataye, nice song..slow song but very well sung and good lyrics…8th one Khoon Chala, slow track with good lyrics but it is not the track which you everyone would like to listen to it…but this one seems to be made for some situation in the movie..9th one Luka Chuppi, starts with track of 70s and great guitar, finally you hear the voice which all music lovers wait for…Lata Mangeshkar…and whatever she sings has to be good….and this one too is a good song…slow track with great music and lyrics…but yeah..not for normal people…music lovers will love it…..now the last one, 10th song Roobaroo, this one is a different track and nice music…but again I do not think so everyone would like to listen to it….

So overall the album might not do good for the masses but yes if you are music lover like me…then you will like it for sure 🙂 and one more thing, people might love the music once they see the movie….