Yup, they do 101%. Totally unfair to people and they do whatever they want. Their load shading is just pain the a** and the worst part is, it happens only in the areas where people pay bills properly, no load shading for people in other areas, say…south Mumbai.

They used to cut power between 8 AM to 9 AM daily but now it goes from 6.30 AM 7.45 AM and 5.15 PM to 6.30 PM…

What do they think of themselves? Are we f****** thugs? Do we run away and don’t pay the bill? As far as I know Mulund is one of the high MSEB bill payers and still we have to face these kind of problems.

Many people have gone against them but no use, they don’t do anything, the power supply is going to cut in the morning and they can’t help it.

I think now people should start slowing down their meters by using magnets or some other ways …..because if these guys don’t understand us then why the fuck we should care about them….Let them face losses.

No power supply here currently, I am sitting here, typing things in MS Word, can’t surf the net, laptop on my lap…doing nothing…this totally sucks and I am sure government is not at all interested in understanding the problems of people, they just need f****** votes nothing else.