I can call myself Sony man now…haha First Sony Vaio then I got Sony Digital Camera and now Sony Ericsson W550i 🙂

I must say, it is a great sexy phone with superb sound quality…and with help of Jayant, I managed to find way to lock keypad, click a pic and couple of more things… lol

The decision to buy the phone was kinda super quick..I was talking to my friend about cell phones..he said…w550i costs around 15.5K (INR) now…I was like, cool..that’s great…then let’s check it out in the shop and see how does it look in real…and on the way…I somehow decided to buy it…I didn’t have that much cash in my hand…so I wanted to buy it using my credit card but the shop guy was asking for 2% more so then I decided to get some money from my friend’s account lol…he gave me his card, took money outa’ ATM and that’s how I got the cell 😀