Times have changed..now the ones who kidnap people also have to worry about themselves..

The recent incident in Bihar proves that, someone can kidnap gangsters too, they are also not safe…haha

Patna: Nobody is safe in Bihar. Not even the most notorious kidnappers. Aditya Kumar, who people in the state live in fear of, a man who has been in and out of jail several times, was himself kidnapped in broad day light at gunpoint. The incident took place at Chowk Shikarpur.

Who did it

Another crime cartel that also ran the shady business of “firauti� have slapped a very high ransom demand on Aditya.

While Aditya was strolling down the busy commercial hub at Chowk Shikarpur in Old Patna, he was forced to enter a car at gunpoint on Sunday afternoon.

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