It was time when we used to say..half of the Google products are in Beta and they still continue to develop new products…but now the time has come to take the words back…

Even Yahoo and MSN have entered in this mad Beta race, it was time when these guys used to stay away from Beta tag on their products but this Google evil has made everyone working hard and launch too many Betas..

I was surfing today and somehow jumped on Yahoo’s Next page and found too many products in beta…the names include:

Yahoo! Podcasts Beta
Site Explorer Beta
Instant Search Beta
Mobile Shopping Search-Beta
Yahoo! Audio Search Beta
Yahoo! Search Subscriptions Beta
Yahoo! Mindset Beta
Y!Q Beta
My Yahoo! Ticker Beta
Yahoo! FareChase Beta

The list of MSN product goes as follows:

MSN Filter Preview
MSN Screen Saver Beta
MSN Virtual Earth
Search Results Clustering
Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta)

and there are very high chances of this list getting increased rapidly… The way Google is launching products (almost new product every month) it doesn’t look like Yahoo is going to slow down…but MSN, they are watching everyone calmly and waiting for both of them to slow down and then launch something with BANG

But I somehow like this Beta race, this way users are getting more advanced stuff πŸ™‚