For last few days I was eyeing on PHP based bulletin board, PunBB, it is basically a CSS based board which has all basic functionality needed for the discussion forums…installed one cool skin on it…also installed RSS mod on it…I liked PunBB because of its simplicity…features are only related to discussion…no extra stuff like PM, send this thread to friend or other eye candy you see in other boards….

To be frank I am quite used to vBulletin and I don’t know I somehow do not like bulletin boards other than vBulletin but still lets see…I am gonna use it for few months and if the member base increases then I will buy vBulletin 🙂

So moral of the story, if you need a simple board then you should check it out PunBB but for the board with advanced functionality…aha..this vBulletin lover is never gonna recommend any board other than vBulletin 🙂