Nah Nah…I am not spamming about my hosting company here 😛

I have seen many people asking me about cheap web hosting, people just consider the price and they do not see the features provided by web host..recently I was searching for some stuff on google and found an ad by Indian hosting company which claimed that we provide 1 GB reseller account just for Rs. 1,999 per year.

This looked pretty impossible to me, so I checked their site, checked the plan and found that they had forgotten to mention (or purposely did not mention) the bandwidth per month.

I contacted their sales person on live chat..and here is the chat…

[Visitor] Hi?
[SH SALES DOTIN] How can we help u in sales?
[Visitor] Yes, I just go to know about ur site from google ads,
[Operator] how are u
[Visitor] it was showing Rs1999 for 1 Gb
[Visitor] is that true?
[Visitor] your website deoes not show that plan in compare plans page: http://sili********.net/sili********.net_non_ssl/web_hosting/compare.html
[Operator] OK..we will add …
[Visitor] how much bandwidth do you provide with 1 GB account?
[Operator] 30gb bandwidth per year
[Visitor] per year?
[Visitor] or per month?
[Visitor] r u there?
[Operator] per year

[Visitor] okay and how much do you charge for extra bandwidth if needed?
[Operator] sir please do provide ur name and contact number pls
[Visitor] My name is *** and email is ***
[Operator] your contact number pls
[Visitor] Can you email me the plan or something?
[Visitor] I am sorry I wont be able to provide phone number but if you want then I can call you up for details
[Visitor] you have some number for mumbai?
[Operator] ok we will email u the details
[Operator] thanks
[Visitor] okay thank you very much for help.

I hope you guys got the point from chat log 😀

So in short, it is just not possible to provide hosting at dirt cheap rates, if anyone is providing then you should consider other factors like, datacenter, backup solutions, server software versions etc.. in mind too