I was going through today’s Hindustan Times and on the front page there was a new article about “Outrage over X-rated film on Prophet� the article was about porn CDs about Prophet being sold online and Muslim organizations write to government asking to ban the site.

So now the point is, someone Hindustan Times managed to get in touch with Ankit Fadia to seek his expert advice (???) so this is what he said:

Since the site is hosted in the United States, the Indian government agencies are powerless. But they do not (I think it should have been “do have�) have the option of contacting US authorities and requesting action. “Cyberlaws there are well defined, the US is also well equipped to handle cyber crimes. If they want, they can remove content fairly easily.� Says internet expert Ankit Fadia.

But there is another way out: starting a little cyber war. Fadia says a little ‘DOS attack’ would do the job. In a DOS attack a software bombards the target site with massive amount of data, filling up its storage capacity. A temporary collapse, at least, is inevitable. In the past websites like Yahoo, Amazon, E-bay and Hotmail have suffered DOS attacks.

So he means to say that India government should hire hackers and ask them to DOS attack that online site and declare so called “cyber war� (lol)? Or indirectly he means, “I know what is DOS attack, I know how to do it, pay me, I will do it for you�

I don’t understand why people come up with such stupid solutions where there are 100s of different ways to block that website. Or ask that online store not to sell that DVD, that’s it…I think our government can do at least that. (of course they will have to contact US authorities to get order for not selling that DVD first)