An array of bad things happening with me…after migrating client’s (friend’s) server to new one, everything was working fine…and in the evening of same day I receive a call from friend saying server is down….when I check it, I find that server has been disconnected from data center…no notice..nothing…after calling them we find that..we are frauds now..we used fake credit card…so because of that our server got disconnected…no one is ready to listen to us, we have the proof with us which says transaction was made using our card and it was 101% legal and valid…but now whom to tell….all data is gone, nothing is with us….

Trying here and there to get in touch with the data center people and get the server up again..

This totally sucks….they should have called us or mails us at least so that we could have got chance to speak up and prove our point…

I hope this gets sorted out and we get the server up soon