Everyone is not happy with anything and on top of that our politicians look for chance to dance whenever anything happens in the nation….this is a bit old incident (around 2 – 3 months back), I had noticed it couple of times on Mulund railway station….

At that time, government had hiked patrol and diesel rates.

So now opposition party got reason to come on the road, and that what they did, a leader from opposition party geared up with “band baja” (loud speakers and mic) and started shouting slogans against the government. There were around 10-15 people gathered around him to support him but rest of the janta was not quite happy with that morcha.

First of all they had gathered at the entrance of the station, so the entrance blocked and people have to come from other side…..2nd it was rush hour, around 7.30 in the evening…this is the time when most of the people come home and station is crowded…

In fact I also heard someone cursing them saying “Kya jab bhi kuch kaam nahi hota toh aa jate hai morcha leke” (what kind of people are they?, they start doing these kind of things whenever they are out of work) that was from the common man, for whom these politicians don’t care.

Politicians are known for these kind of morchas, whether it is any happy moment or it is sad, they will be standing around the corner with bunch of people around.

Government should have some strict rule for this, no politician or anyone should be allowed to carry these kind of morchas in crowded public places. We do not have any problem in morchas but we are just not interested in it so keep these kind of things in open ground where you and your supports can listen…if any one from general public is interested then they will attend your morcha for sure 🙂