I have parked one of my domain names on SEDO to sell, so today one guy mailed me saying he is interested in buying the domain name and asked me how much I would like to charge him….I replied back saying $700 and he agreed on it and asked me to get some domain appraisal certificate from some company…..

So before doing anything I just googled for it 😉 (copied the lines from his mail and pasted in google 😉 ) and I found that it was a scam and I also confirmed the same with one of my friends who deals in domains….

They (there are many others also like him) agree with whatever price you tell them and ask you to get domain appraisal certificate and once you are done with it, they ask you pay some $200 for document and send it to his lawyer….and in the end you end up paying dollars and they run away….

Anyways, following is the exact copy of the mail I received from him:


I’m interested in your domain name listed for sale.

Can you drop me your desired price?

If I can afford it I’ll reply.

By the way, did you receive offers from other buyers?

I run a software development company. Selling & buying names is not my main business. Just another way to invest money and make additional income.

Please keep our correspondence confidential.

Best regards,

Keith Henson
Ph. D. President
TNT Solutions