Okay time to sing a song…remember the song Love is all around by Wet Wet Wet….hmm just sing that tune and replace love with Mangal lol

Enough of crap now…haha

Today Amir Khan starrer movie Mangal Pandey released with so much of hype and ho ha..

I had been near R-Adlabs today to checkout at what time they are showing the movie Madagascar…(I have already booked tickets for Mangal Pandey on Monday :D)

But all I saw was Mangal Pandey in most of their screen show times, 2 screens were showing Mangal Pandey full time and other 2 screens had 2 night shows of Mangal Pandey each…

So this clearly says that how much theatre owners, people, film producer and actors are expecting from the movie…

I hope the film does well.