I had posted about Freedom 2005 Beta a month back and now today posting about its final version 😉 i.e. I finally left the job yesterday…I do not need to attend the office anymore 🙂 Now I am like a free bird who can roam around anywhere and do anything he wants. I know I have taken a big risk by leaving the job with around just 2 years of work experience, but you know some people just can’t wait to take risk and have fun…so I come in that category…I had decided long time back that I will start my business….so I joined the job…learned many things and now I at the stage where I can say that I can get the things rolling… 🙂 Obliviously there will be huge difference in the experience, knowledge between a guy leaving job with mere 2 years of work experience and a guy with 5 years of work experience but I just can’t wait and jumping to prove the world that, yeah, I can also start the business and run it.

In the beginning obliviously no one expects business to make huge profits but yeah, that’s what you call as risk….in the beginning, you may occur losses (I had faced same in my first 2-3 months of business) but then gradually these losses get converted into profits, provided if you work hard…

So now my mission is……shhhhhh….shhhhhhhh….will tell you when things happen in reality…I have stopped saying anything before it has happened….haha, you know past experiences make you learn many things…and I have also learnt many things and this is one of them 😉

So wait an watch for more stuff 😀