I spent last 2 days in the Jail, believe me it sucks…haha…I didn’t mean that I was caught by police and locked up but what I meant was, due to heavy rains in Mumbai I had to spend 2 days in the office with other colleagues and it was like Jail only….

Net connection was down (Whole TATA ISP was down, in fact its still down, just confirmed it with the guy in our office), Hathway was also down in our area…so could not connect to the net, there was no TV set also…so whole day we had to play games and sit in the office…

We grabbed some pizzas from Pizza Hut in the evening and then around 10.30 PM went for the dinner…we were expecting to get proper food but this rain proved us wrong…we went to couple of restaurants first and unfortunately, both were jam packed and closed, they were not allowing new people to let it because there was no food to serve more people, finally we got into restaurant called Vithal Bhelwala…it is very well known restaurant in the VT area…but there also we were told that, only Sevpuri, Bhelpuri and Pani Puri are available…so to survive some had sev puri and I had my favorite Pani Puri 😀

So now post dinner time…

On the first day we guys were very excited about it and had decided that we will play Counter Strike (CS) whole night and day, and we even played it…played around say…300+ times and finally we got fed up….played till 2.30 AM or so and then slept…

Couple of guys went to see what’s happening outside at 3.30 AM in the morning and they were shocked to see packed VT (CST) station and the subway…which were packed…people were sleeping / sitting everywhere and waiting for trains to start…

Some of the pics taken at around 3.30 AM…

CST at Night 1
CST at Night 2

CST at Night 3
CST at Night 4

This one was taken around 6 AM in the morning….it shows the status of water at different stations….

Train Notice at CST

The pics were taken from my friend’s cell phone….

I got copy a of Indian Express to checkout what’s happening, only 2 English papers were out i.e Indian Express and Mid Day, newspaper guy said that, times of India wont come for 2 days since their press was flooded in the water….

I called up Home to find out what’s happening out there, they said our car was almost floating in the water…it was like mini ocean down there…no electricity, people from our society were helping people others which included school kids too….

I had a cup of coffee at VT station (which sucked big time, was full of water)…we somehow managed to spend whole day in the office…went for the movie Dus, I was thinking of watching movie Page 3 but then Hathway net connection started 🙂 so was surfing till 3 AM and then slept 🙂

I somehow managed to sleep on 2 chairs by keeping legs on 2nd one…it wasn’t comfortable at all but I managed it somehow…

Woke up around 6 AM, got good news that trains have been started between CST and Thane, so we all got the train at 7 AM, reached home by 830 AM and then slept, slept and slept :)…

So that was the story of my 2 day in the Jail which was a different kind of experience but it was good in the end 🙂

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