Finally, the big bull arrived in Mumbai today…there was no hoo ha before the launch…it came silently and made a BIG impact by providing news about their latest discovery “Salman threatened to knock off Ash and family” and every, note it down, every news paper followed their news..

I checked Indian Express, Times of India, Mid-Day everyone posted about it….

It gave me a feeling of big bull saying, “I am here to create the news, you guys just follow me…”

I went through the paper, it costs Rs. 2.50, I think it is just introductory price…the format is very different from other newspapers, it looks very fresh and felt like reading more…the colors, the way they present news….very neat paper…

I did not bother to check for spellings and all because I am sure that papers like HT cannot afford to make such mistakes…

I really liked the supplement which came with the paper today, it was collection of some of the best pictures taken in Mumbai by them…I must say it was amazing..if they had charged Rs. 2.50 for that supplement alone, then also I would have bought it…just amazing photography

So to sum it up, it is going to give a big fight to Times of India for sure, I am not including Indian Express in the competition because it has its own class and I don’t think it going to effect much to them…I am a loyal Indian Express reader and I am certainly not going to change my mind and switch to HT but, yeah, I will buy HT along with Indian Express sometimes.. 🙂