I hate this IE…damn it sucks sometimes…

Now ask, what is the relation between IE and this post?

I had written long post and I donno what happened….it went to previous page (I think it was my finger touching touchpad)…so when I hit forward button again to come back to this page…I lost all the data I had entered 🙁 So if I was using Opera at that time then it would have shown the old data from cache…

Anyways coming back to the topic….

Bug Me Not

I came across this site just now…this site provides login details of the sites which require user to register to access their site content…the idea behind the site is pretty cool…why to register in every other site if you are getting login details without registering 😉

Nothing illegal here just simple sharing….

Currently they have around 74000 sites in their database…

I checked out logging into NYTimes.com and it worked 😉

You can also give it a shot by visiting the site here BugMeNot.com