To me, these cablewallahs (cable operators) are same as chors (thieves) the only difference is, chors steal your money / stuff when you are not aware about what is happening but cablewallahs do everything openly….

They started charging Rs. 250 a month, government passed rule that cable operators cannot charge more than Rs. 250 a month (I am not sure about the exact amount but it was around that only), then they increased to Rs. 270, people from our society called him up and had a meeting with him….(we have around 17 buildings in our society), after discussions he agreed on the old amount, months passed by, he increased the rates ro Rs. 270 again….

Now just 2 months back, he made it Rs. 310, I got to know about it today only, when mom showed me their new rate card….

This is totally ridiculous, he is charging Rs. 250 in other society and specially for our society he increased the rates…we cannot switch to other operator also because he is the only one providing connection in our area…

So now we are thinking of kicking his ass and getting separate connection without interference of cable operator….

The government was supposed to start Direct to Home option with set top boxes but it is not available in all the areas and because of this people like him are looting us and minting money….