Don’t know Hindi? πŸ˜‰ The title means “Story of 25 Paise….”

I had 2, 25 paise coins in my bag for long time, today I decided to use them, first was the news stand person from where I buy news paper every morning, I gave him Rs. 2 coin, 50 Paise coin and 2, 25 paise coins (which makes Rs. 3), he refused to accept 25 paise coins, said “saab baad mein dena” (Sir, give it to me later), I got bit angry because he refused to accept valid Indian currency but did not say anything coz I know that person for long so thought let it be, will see next time…

Today while returning from office, I gave Auto rickshaw driver Rs. 10 note, he did not have 1 Re. change with him so asked me to check if I have change so that he can return back Rs. 2 coin… (Rs.9 rick. fare)

I had a 50 paise coin and gain 2, 25 paise coins were shouting in my bag, telling me, pick me, pick me….lol and I had to pick them….

Gave 1 Re. to driver….I gave him money and left from there…..I was expecting him to call me back and say somehting….and as expected…he called me and gave my 25 paise coins back saying….”Saab, rakhlo kaam aayega aapko” (sir, keep it with you only, it might be useful to you)…..and this is what pissed me off….

I was feeling like kicking ass of that guy and throwing money on his face but I did not do that coz I was not like him….

I gave his money back…and rudely said…”Apne paise ko kabhi na nahi bolte, nahi chahiye toh koi bhikari ko de dena” (You should never say no to your money, keep it and if you donΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ’β€žΒ’t need then give it to some beggar)

So the moral of the story….

If you have 25 paise coins and if someone refuses to accept it then throw on his face and say…a@!h#le this is LEGAL Indian currency…use it or f@!k it….

These a@!h#les forgot that 4, 25 paise coins make a rupee…