Found some real cool mad stuff while surfing the net….

The best one was…

Edible user interface….in simple see image of pizza on the screen and this hardware allows you to feel the taste of it…drops some liquid which you can lick it and feel the taste..

The BeanCounter is a low-resolution gustatory display made of six rods filled with jellybeans of different flavours.
The center and bottom of each rod are sealed with electronically controlled valves. By controlling the valve positioning, the computer can dispense jellybeans at varying flow rates. ………

…….The TasteScreen system consists of an LCD monitor with a USB on the top. The internal chamber of the USB device contains twenty small plastic flavor cartridges filled with various flavoring agents. The TasteScreen device can drip controlled quantities of flavoring into a deployment chamber, where they are mixed and dispensed. When dispensed, the flavoring chemicals drip down to coat the monitor with a thin liquid residue.

A user can sample the dispensed flavor by touching his tongue to the computer screen. Certain combinations of flavoring agents recreate a flavor appropriate to the user?s task.

Get more into on it here

2nd one was… The hug shirt, It allows you to feel physical closeness of your loved ones…

F+R Hugs is a soft Lycra shirt with embedded sensors and electronics that allows to feel the physical closeness of a distant loved one, bringing the sensation of a hug.

The system works through a mobile phone network. The shirts receive the input of heart beat, touch and body temperature of the remote loved one, recreating (through actuators embedded in the shirt) over distance the pulsation, physical pressure, and warmth of a real hug…….

Read more info on it here

So which one you are gonna buy? Me definitely edible user interace 😀