I forgot to mention about this in Hurry, I am currently in Kutch, Gujarat. I will be here till 19th of April…

anyways…wrote something and thought I should post it here….so here we go……………………………..

Left Mumbai on 10th April, Saurashtra Express, from Mumbai to Rajkot and from there to Virpur, will go to a Temple and then from to my native place Anjar in Kutch.

Going there after 2-3 years, relatives have already warned me that there will be real hot climate there but things seem to be pretty cool here in Virpur, sitting in AC room of a Hotel, writing everything in a word document. (No internet connection here)

Something about journey in train, I wanted to write about it in the train itself but did not open my laptop there. Anyways coming back to topic, was in sleeper class i.e. non a/c, I wanted to get into A/C but my dad 😀 great person never wants to spend much haha

So was sitting in the train, person sitting next to me went up to sleep and guess what, as expected he put his chappals (Footwear) above the fan lol I was waiting for shower of the dust from his chappals but I was lucky, it did not shower much lol

2 ladies sitting next to me were singing all the time, singing some bhajans (Devotional songs) and I had simply nothing to do, was just sitting and seeing everyone’s face, waiting for some bright face lol but nothing happened haha….

We reached out of Maharashtra, roaming service in my cell got activated, got text message from my service provider “Orange� with thank you message and giving info (Helpline Nos and all) about new service provider “Airtel� & “Idea� in that area. I was very impressed by their service, then the real fun started, got one more text message from them, one more, one more damn again one more…got around 6-7 messages saying thank you and all…

Then there was silence for some time, no phone rings, no messages 11.30 PM…
I checked my cell….no network found…set network to automatic selection…it selected Airtel automatically and guess what, they started again haha but this time got 2-3 messages.

Decided to sleep for sometime, a group of newly married couples was enjoying a lot, cracking jokes, singing but it was not disturbing me at all even at 12.30 AM

Time passed by I did not know when I slept and when I woke up it was 7.45 AM, had some bhajiyas (Indian food) dipped in oil, which I hated most but sometimes it is ok….I grabbed some food, I was looking for some coffee but did not find anyone selling it so tested masala chai (Tea) but did not like it �

Finally we reached Rajkot at 10.15 AM and reached Virpur by 11.30 AM, had fresh lime water, took shower and now sitting here on bad and continuing to write this…will leave for the temple in few minutes and then leave at 3.00 PM from here for Anjar, should reach Anjar by 11.30 PM…..

1.34 PM, came back just now from temple, now I really understood the meaning of “Hot�, it was too hot when we went outside….but again my luck or whatever you say…temple was just 2 minutes away from the hotel so we did not have to walk much….finished everything in 10 minutes…baggers were running behind my sister and me and asking for money and food… (We will give them some food when we leave at 3)

Had food just now…ghar ka khana (home made food)…you have to pre-order it….currently it is 1.58 PM…finished the lunch…will leave from here in an hour to Rajkot to catch the bus for Anjar….

Got into the bus for Anjar, left Rajkot at 5.15 PM, reached Anjar by 10.20 PM, watched movie Hulchul in the bus….quite easy journey it was….

Slept by 11.30 PM, slept in the terrace, it was tooo cold but it was fun…woke up at 10.15 AM…..

Currently sitting in my uncle’s bungalow watching India Vs Pakistan match….will go to cyber café in the evening….I have heard that people here in cyber café user key loggers and all the crap software to spy user, i.e. to get their personal details and all.. but I am gonna use by laptop to access the net so no problems

Sachin scored 100 :D, he played very well today but I can see something seriously wrong with his fingers and these Doordarshan people are showing their stupid ads everywhere…I hope India wins today….

More stuff later…. 😀