I am currently using Hutch (Orange) for my cell phone; I activated roaming service so that I can use it all around the country. As far as I know they are the best service provider in Mumbai but if you compare them with the other service providers nation wide then Airtel or MTNL are much better than Orange.


In roaming I was using network of Airtel most of the times, even in the areas where hutch provides mobile connection. I have no idea why hutch is still using other networks in their areas.

But 90% of the time Airtel was my service provider in roaming and others include Idea and Cellforce.

Now why MTNL is also good?

My dad is using MTNL and from starting to end, it did not use any other network, it was using MTNL only, which is very good compared to other providers, they have their wide network all around the country.

2nd worst thing about orange is, their charges….they charge so high for roaming, Rs. 5.15 for incoming and outgoing calls i.e. calls from outside your current area.

They charge around Rs. 3.50 for text messages.

Their GPRS also doesn’t work in Kutch.

I think they should really do something to improve their services and give something to customers rather than making them charge so high rates. Learn something from MTNL.