I wanted to write about this for a long time but today I got some time so thought, will write something on this…

Let’s cut the crap..and come directly on the point…

It sucks…but still it works 😀

The reason?

Google is weak, too weak….google needs links from different IPs and they give that….

I have seen many Indian SEO guys jumping here and there to get top listing and they are succeeding also…but the only thing lacks is “Ethics“, I have seen many SEO companies in India, they are involved in doing dirty tricks like

using client’s site for link building (without taking permission),
using hidden text on the page,
creating MANY fake sites, blogs, posting duplicate content and linking each site to other,
creating fake directories etc…

No one is involved in “Genuineâ€? SEO tricks, no one cares about ethics…

Few minutes back only, I noticed a site providing Web Hosting, Web Promotion etc…with many FAKE blogs, sites and all are linking to each other…(most of them are on different IPs, one on blogspot too)

They have one forum also which has all ripped stuff from net…..

This is only one example, there are many companies in India doing SEO, most of them have trade, export directory….have paid listing…ask people to pay to get listed and they even provide SEO services for them…..

They ask client to pay some amount and tell them that their site will be get listed on top in a month…..(we will submit the site to 10,000 search engines, 100s of directories and all that shit)

Damn, all they do is, add one page on their site itself about client’s company and since their main directory is listed well in google and has lot of static pages (mod_rewrite) so google crawls their site almost daily and the new pages get listed easily….

So what’s the catch?

Customer’s site is never get listed, only that page which belongs to SEO company gets listed and comes on top…..

So this is how they cheat customers

Since their customers are small or medium size businessmen so they do not know about all these stuff…..so this is how most of the SEO companies in India work….