If you are thinking of buying Web Space, Domain Names, SEO Service or any damn web related thing then please make sure that the company you are buying from is not Aditya Infotech aka Netlink Solutions India aka Easy2Source

I had very bad experience with them, they had designed website for one of my clients….client had also purchased domain name and web space from them. This client wanted to redo his website so he contacted me….he also wanted to host his site on my server and get his domain transferred

I checked my client’s site, found that on each and every page there were links going to easy2source.com and on one page they had Easy2source.com’s banner also…(with at least 10 different links going to different directory pages)

Client was totally unaware of this…I informed him about it….I explained the client everything in detail…he got rough idea of what was happening with his site….

Now the problems started…

Client asked them to give domain control panel login and password…first they refused it…they asked him to pay Rs. 1,000 to get domain control panel login details….

After calling them few times, he finally got domain login details, I checked the domain control panel to unlock the domain name…but there was no option to do it from there….

We asked Aditya Infotech to unlock the domain name but they did not unlock it….we both got fed up with them…client had almost lost hope for the domain name…he had decided that he will buy new domain and let them keep the old one….

But I did not agree, I decided to contact the main company (OnlineNIC) and ask them to unlock it….

OnlineNIC asked Aditya Infotech to unlock the domain but nothing happened, this continued couple of times, finally they sent the company final notice saying…if you fail to unlock it…we will take care of the client….

And guess what….they replied…a guy named Himanshu Modi replied saying…what domain name? It is our domain name….how can we unlock it if anyone asks us to unlock….

I was shocked….I knew something like this could happen….I checked whois of the domain name…and found that they had changed all the details to their names and addresses without our permission….

So now what? I had nothing to show them as a proof….

I went to DNS Stuff website and managed to get cached whois records of the domain name which clearly said that…the domain belonged to my client….

I mailed the screenshot to Himanshu as well as to OnlineNIC….

That was not enough to prove that the domain was my client’s….I asked them (OnlineNIC) to check the website which had client’s contact details and the email which was present in whois records…

Still not enough….they asked me to mail scanned copy of the invoice we had received from Aditya Infotech…..

I mailed them…..and with great help of support team of OnlineNIC…I got the domain control panel details and got it unlocked…

Transferred the domain name, shifted the site to my server…and damn this is real bad….

I checked the code of all the pages, every page had email address of my client….so they had done their cheap tactics there also….in mailto: link BCC was their email address…

So they were getting copies of all the customer emails…

I did not expect any company to do such bad & cheap things…

I cleaned the code…now site, domain is in my client’s total control…. 🙂

So beware of this company…never buy anything from them…even if they are giving you for free then also do not go for it….