Me, using clear command everywhere lol

From morning working on that small terminal screen on putty and writing clear command again and again to clear the screen.

Damn, I typed it in yahoo chat window to lol

Still in front of the pc, trying to fix the problems on the server. Today problems are keep on coming, I restored all 50 sites, everything worked fine and then one of my clients told me that awstats not being updated for last 3 days…

Damn trying to find out the reason for last couple of hours, finally found the reason and now looking for the solution 🙁


I ran command /scripts/runweblogs username and from there I found that awstats was trying to call wrong conf file for all the domains.

i.e. instead of calling file it was calling awstats.domainnamecom.conf (without dot) and since that file is not present so throws error….

Now figuring out how to fix it…

EDIT: 22nd Feb There was a bug in cpanel version 108 edge, It has been fixed in version 110 Edge. Updating it now 😀