This might help the ones who are trying to figure out how to make a store front for their Directi Domain name reseller account

Let me explain in few simple step..

Directi Part:

  1. First, Log on to your directi resller account panel
  2. From menu on the top – Go to Settings – Branding – Storefront & Control Panel – URL
  3. Add your subdomain under “Branded Urls ” option (Change “Partially Branded Primary Url” if you wish to) For example. if you want should show directi control panel then put that in Main URL box

Part 1 Done…

WHM Part at your end:

  1. First, Log on to your WHM
  2. Select Edit a DNS Zone from DNS Functions, Select your domain and click on Edit
  3. Now in the bottom you will see option “Add New Entries”, so there add new entry with your subdomain on the left (if subdomain is then put domains not the full address), Select CNAME from the drop down menu and on the right put your branded URL without HTTP, generally it is something like “”
  4. Save the settings

Don’t have WHM? Want to do it Manually?

Here is the way to do it….

  1. Get into the server using root
  2. Go to location /var/named/
  3. Edit the file (pico (Replace with your domain name)
  4. Add entry “YourSubDomain 14400 IN CNAME” (You may check the CNAME of previous domain and copy the same code and replace it with your domain)
  5. Cntrl + X and press Y to save it


All done, wait for sometime for DNS to propagate.

Important Note: When you put your branded URL on the right side, do not forget to add . (dot) in the end, if you fail to do so then it will not work, it will take branded URL as subdomain of your site. as

To cross check your settings you can visit DNS Stuff website and put your storefront subdomain under DNS Lookup (Select CNAME from the list)