One of my resellers wanted 2 different IPs for his name servers.
I googled about it, did not find proper info so finally I got it working with help of one my friends.

Here is the way to do it…

  1. Make sure that you have 2 IP Addresses free
  2. Go to EDIT A DNS Zone from DNS Functions in WHM
  3. Select the site / username of the reseller
  4. In that add 2 new entries, for example: A xx.xx.xx.xx & A xx.xx.xx.xx (replace xx.xx.xx.xx with your IP Address)
  5. Confirm everything once, save those entries
  6. Now click on Reseller Center from option Reseller
  7. Click on Edit Privileges/Nameservers
  8. Add those name servers in Primary and Secondary Nameserver box (Don’t click on Assign IP Address or Add and entry for this name server)
  9. Click on Save

That’s it…all done 🙂