Hope you got what I meant to say 😀
Watched movie Kisna last night, if the movie had only first half then the title of this post would have been “Kishnaaaa”

First half of the movie was good enough..in other language “it was tolerable”…specially the rope dancer Isha Sharvani…she was pretty cool (Only dance…not talking about the acting part)….

I liked 3 things about the movie basically, first Isha Shrvani’s Dance, Music and Antonia Bernath 😀

2nd Half of the movie is real real real bad…Everyone was crying in the end including me….The only difference was…People inside the movie were crying after listening to love story of Kisna (Vivek Oberoi) and Catherine (Antonia Bernath) and outside were crying saying “why the hell we came for this movie…we wasted our money” lol

It was housefull but people could not stay for long…almost half of the people left before the movie ends…

Infact that female Isha keeps showing her rope dance all the time…whether it is happy moment or sad but “Mein Toh Nachungi” (Oops Mein toh Latkungi…)

Whenver they used to show the trees in the movie..the first thing used to come in my mind that…now Isha will dance lol (She hangs on the trees using rope and dances)

And you know our Subhash uncle wanted to earn some more money from the movie…so he did the same trick like he did in Yaadein….Put ads in the movie….Aajtak, Zee News, Sahara…haha so many news channels…

I think I should stop now, btw if you watch the movie then do not miss the end…that’s the main climax..specially you will be thrilled to see Kisna’s Son and his wife Lakshami (our Rope Dancer)