Yes….No mistakes’s MSN Messenger 7 Beta…it is not officially released but you can find it on few sites…

So what’s new in it?

Well lot of improvements compared to version 6 and lot of stuff taken from Yahoo Messenger, features like Nudge (Buzz in Yahoo Messenger), Wink (Audibles in Yahoo Messenger), (View Wink in Action)Deluxe Animated Display Pics (Yahoo’s Animated Avatars) apart from these so called inspired by other messengers thing, new features include…Download Packs(packs include Emoteicons, Display Pictures, Winks, Backgrounds),Activities – using this you can share files, photos, calendars and even connect to pc remotely (Remote Access).

Couple of small things include…now it display unicode characters in MSN Messenger main window (where it displays users and groups), unicode characters include Indian Language Characters (Hindi, Marathi etc..), in earlier version it used to show blank box, display avatars in online notification thingy, added user avatar on top of Messenger window (check the screenshot provided above).

So in short…MSN Messenger 7 is pretty cool but I will suggest wait for Microsoft to officially release it for download… 😀