Google is the best search engine ? well yes, I agree but still it can not detect search spam very well and our Indians are pretty good in spamming..haha

During festival times you will see lot of spam sites come in the top for gifiting related keywords, people don’t find the stuff they want..

And now these spammers have entered so called clean Froogle also, Check this link and see it your self, some idiots have spammed for the keyword Rakhi Gifts, well currently i can see around 660 products of one site and 90% of them having only one image, one price but different titles and links…foogle claims that the feeds wont be online untill and unless it has been approved by these people fooled google haah created images with different name, kept the price same, added random titles, thats it..froogle will take all as different products and you are listed…no one is going to check it..haha

Google should really thing about these kind of isssues…