Woha..I never knew that people will like my Search Engine Optimization Totorial 😀 so much..haha found one idiot just ripping my stuff and posting in forums like SitePoint and Web Hosting Talk, i have requested moderators of both the forums to provide the correct source in the thread and Webhosting Talk did it :), now waiting for response from SitePoint people.

I think from now I will have to add that copyright notice at the end of every tutorial or guide I write 🙂

Btw from this I found one tool to check whether your data or any content has been used by anyone else on the net or not…it’s not basically a software or anything, it’s just a site where you have to put your webpage address and it shall show the matching documents, it’s called CopyScope, You can find more info about it here on site point article Tracking Web Copyright Infringement.

I tested this tool with my tutorial URI but didn’t help me much, so I still prefer my old way to do it,copy part of the text from the tutorial and Google it, try it out, it works 😀

Anyways gonna start the movie now 🙂