Posting after a long time i guess..
India lost that final..that was the worst thing happened on that day…they didn’t even try to play well..
Match was fixed? I too think that..but it might not be..
Questions are still asked about presence of Pakistani masseur Sohail Ahmed. Seems that Indian players had hired him without telling the high authority and all..BCCI says they were never informed and all..i think all these things are crap..everyone knew about him..since he was in the indian team unofficially and since everyone got to know about it (spl media people) so they are blaming all on each other..all crap..all politics..

btw back to the title of the post “Rain Drops Falling on my Head”..well its raining dogs and cats here (Mumbai)…infact today….and belive me it rains in the train also haha…the water leaks from the roof, comes from those old style fans lol from everywhere…

but it’s all should rain like this…infact this time it rained well in Gujarat also…i hope it rains in Karnataka..they are waiting for raindrops for almost 2 years now…