Thought of starting new section “Deep Recommends” last night.

I know no one cares to read it and see what movies, music and other stuff Deep recommends this time but starting this just as a hobby, you never know when people are gonna start coming to the site to read that I kidding that’s never gonna happen 😉

These days because of this operation thingy I have to be at home so i spend my day time doing some office and my site work and in the nights I watch movies and look out for good music on the internet.

So…let me start sharing some good stuff now..

Music :

Bombay Rockers, I had never heard about this band before but when I heard their songs from their album Rock Tha Party (Don’t ask me how I got that album 😉 )and I have become their fan, real great music, it’s basically Punjabi and English music mixed (Rishi Rich,Punjabi MC kind of music), found these guys different from other artists.

4 Songs in the album Rock The Party, Ari Ari, Sexy Mama (Original Version), Sexy Mama (Radio Edit) I liked all 🙂 Give it a try if you love Rishi Rich and all, will love it for sure.

2nd albums is Soundtrack of the movie Flavors,music is by various artists including Leslie Lewis, Mahesh Shankar. The songs are kind of different, many have south indian touch (vocals basically). You can listen to their songs online also. Good ones include Life Like It Is, Connections, At Home USA and Beer.

3rd is album is Dhaani by Pakistani band Strings, I really liked the songs Najaney Kyon (Featured in Spiderman 2 OST for India), Dhaani, Bolo Bolo, Chaaye Chaaye and Sohinyae. Their website is also pretty good, forums are very active with lot of Indian fans.

4th and the last one is also by Pakistani band, the album is called Sawaal by Aaroh, this band is gonna kick everyone’s a$$ in near future,they have got great talent. The music is kind of Hindi Rock, they have also done title song from the movie Rakht, it’s kind of hard to pick good songs from their album coz all are pretty good, songs Sawaal, Aik Din, Dunya, Hoor, Zarb are just too good.

I think i shall stop it for now..
I will write some good movies may be tomorrow.