Indian Music, reminds me about good artists like A.R.Rahman, Jatin Lalit, Sandeep Chowta AND at the same time it also reminds me about some artists who have forgotten to create original music, best examples would include Anu Malik, Harry Anand (who has become king of cheap remixes these days).

These people have started ripping other peoples’ hard word.

Anu Malik is like unstoppable in this, I don’t know he wants to break some world record in copying music or something.

Few months back I came across this song called Kaho Na Kaho from the movie Murder (Music by Anu Malik) the song was kind of hit in India but people still don’t know that this one was exact copy of the original song Tamally Maak by Amr Diab which was included in Buddha Bar 3 and there was one more copied song in that movie, this one was copied from Bangla band – Miles, the song was Jana Jane Jana our shameless hero Anu Malik is happy with what he did,these people just blame each other for the mistakes they make, they never want to accept their mistakes. In this case also he was keep saying I bought song from Pakistani artists and all.

Our other hero is Harry Anand who only knows to make remixes, ok there is nothing wrong is remixing the songs but remixing the remixes ?, yes this guy copies all the good remixes and music company named T-Series supports him, all his remixes come out on T-Series.

Few days back I was listening one great remix Chod Do Anchal by Bombay Vikings,very good remix and few days after that I saw exact copy of the song on some music channel and these guys even ripped the video also. Everything same, same song,same remix, same video theme but different singers. (Re)Remixed by our Harry Anand lol

Now this was not enough so this guys started ripped some more remixes..
There is a song called Kabhi Aar Kabhi Paar (Can’t Get Enough) by Raghav, real great remix and it was a big hit in UK and other countries. So this guy (Harry Anand) why not rip it ? lol and he did it, ripped the song, made the video and it’s a HIT. He also ripped one more song Pehla Pehla Pyar which was remixed by Raghav and Jahzel (Song name – Let’s Work It Out).

I think these people are spending more time in downloading great songs and stealing them. No one sits and makes some good music.

Artists like A.R. Rahman, Sadeep Chowta, Bombay Vikings (Neeraj), Raghav etc.. who are doing very good world wide and have kept artists like Anu Malik and Harry Anand way behind.

And I hope in next couple of years people start giving proper credit to the original artists while copying their stuff.

Long live Indian Music 😉